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It is that time again, not taxes returns but re-certification. I want to certify for PRINCE 2017. I am currently a PRINCE2 Practitioner and have three more years left before I need to recertify. Why recertify then. Well, as a professional that does certifications to GAIN KNOWLEDGE rather than CERTS, I wanted to optimise the way I run PRINCE2 delivered projects. PRINCE 2017 is all about Tailoring, which one should do with ANY methodology/framework (let's not get into this dogma argument of whether to use Framework - which PRINCE2 2017 is or Methodology which PMP is - oops couldn't help myself :) ). You can read my previous blog on PRINCE2017 for more details on changes with the latest refresh.

To kick my travels along the PRINCE2 road, learning is a journey, not a pass mark, I have been given the opportunity from uCertify to try out their PRINCE2 2017 online course. Last Friday night after I had just finished a full week; I decided to top up my knowledge pool. I completed the pre-assessment phase, which I elected to do before reading the Prince2 Manual or doing starting any courseware. I very impressed by the standard of the questions, user interface and the fact it worked! I have some nightmare experiences with online training such as - custom viewer apps won't install, desktop OS almost unusable after install, bloatware/spyware installed, fail registrations ....................., and the list goes on. The fact I stayed back to 10.30pm after finishing work at 7.00pm was that the format was so engaging. I will update this post as I complete my journey with uCertify. If you need to do PRINCE2 certification training, check up the uCertify course. You can do the pre-assessment like I did to get a feel for if it suits your learning style. If you need a nudge like I did, uCertify currently have a sale to cellebrate indepedence day.

BTW it looks like I need a brushup :)

60% Hmm.... may need a brushup

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or requested to have my content review by uCertify. Remember my mantra #WeAllShare #WeAllLearn

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