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ProdOps - Going Beyond DevOps

Product Operations (ProdOps) - Maybe I biased as I have a Marketing Degree as well as IT, who has also studied Operations Management, but I warm to this approach. To me, it takes Scrum, MVP & of course DevOps and goes up a bar & also uses that other topic Data Analytics with Marketing Strategy. It is used not just in Information Technology, but I will focus primarily on this domain.

ProdOps is about continuously delivery of Production Operations. This is achived by building/uplifting your cloud infrastructure such that it is:

- scalable

- resilient

- robust

- and responsive

Your team's mantra is to improve the UX with products you release. Product releases are realised by collaborating closely with stakeholders on newly released product and features. In turn from a project management perspective, you will manage the critical aspects of the product lifecycle launch using inactive dashboard showing key milestones and product development activities.

If you would like to learn more about Product Operations, I recommend this as a good foundation reading Production and Operations Management Journal

David is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner who is passionate on delivering the Right Outcome for sustained Business Growth. To engage David for your next product development project click here

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