Insights on Supplier Management in PRINCE2

Given the recent public failures of large ICT/IM projects, it is timely to review the traditional customer supplier model. For those using PRINCE2 for project delivery you may find this article quite informative.

2 Key Takeaways I got were:

  1. Although it may seem obvious, it is key for the Customer Project Manager to maintain appropriate checks and balances with both the Customer Team Manager and Supplier Project Manager.

  2. A project is a business project, not an ICT/IM project. The mindset of the supplier needs to be on delivering business value not technical value.

Failure for IT groups to adopt these principles I believe will result in IT being completely sidestepped when the business wants to implement a new initiative due to the era of cloud computing.

PRINCE2 (not) for suppliers by Nico Viergever

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