• Major Retailer - POS Sale App to ~ 260 stores (PCI DSS) - After a successful POC for an iconic Aus/NZ retail brand, deployed new virtualised POS core app to 260 stores.  Due to a large number of casual team members, an innovative change mgt program was executed used various communication channels.  As part of the program a mobility for regional store managers using Netscalers allow them to use a variety of BYOD tablet devices to secure access corporate applications allowing them to spend more time visiting stores.


  • Regional Bank Front End Bank Platform (PCI DSS) - After the world's first teller app deployment with card swipe support with PCI DSS compliance the solution was deployed to ~70 branches.  To facilitate, this pioneering solution I coordinated the deployment of a special channel handler with Citrix professional services.  New back office banking applications were also deployed as a precursor to teller update.  I worked with business change managers to ensure a seamless cutover for branches.


  • Aged Care - Core Application Virtualisation - To provide faster application performance and rapid application lifecycle updates core health and administration applications were virtualised.  ~500 users at care facilities throughout Qld where deployed the new solution.  I worked with area training co-ordinators to ensure an effective and co-ordinated transition program was performed for end users.


Desktop SOEs*


  • Gov Agency ICT Refresh Program  - This program involved the refresh of 2,400 desktops in 250 offices in Qld with 16 new supporting backend infrastructure services transitioned to a new shared service supported model provided by a new service provider.  At the program’s peak activity, I managed a team size of 50, including 2 project managers and 2 project coordinators.  Many of the offices were located at remote locations, requiring detailed logistical/OHS planning and contingency for any adverse weather conditions, as there was little scope for revisits. 


  • Gov Agency - Managed Serv Provider - To facilitate the transition to a new managed service provider a new SOE was designed and deployed to ~500 users throughout Qld.  As part of solution many remote offices where made serverless and used a hybrid virtual desktop using XenApp.


  • Merger of 3 Gov Agencies - Unified Desktop - To support the merge of 3 Gov agencies and new unified desktop was designed and deployed to ~600 users in SE Qld.  During the program, there was also significant organisational change to contend with.  Rollouts to particular workgroups where often only finalised the night before rollout and required significant streamlining as many users had specialist Tier 3 applications.  The rollout was a success with People and Culture referring to the project as an "enabler" for supporting the wider change initiative with agency merger.


* - For privacy purposes, client names and system details have been redacted.  Further details are available in face to face meetings or qualified consultancy enquiries for David Pierce PM.  Thank you for your understanding.