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  • Qld GOC - Building & Construction- The agency asked for a data centre upgrade and relocation strategy with a medium-term for the transition to Office 365.  The outcomes were the stabilisation of the existing data centres, a costed priorities modernisation program.  This allowed ICT to retain business confidence with a road map to a hybrid cloud model. 


  • New Mining Planning - Sth Pacific - I was engaged by EPCM contractor to plan and co-ordinated the design of new mine site data centres (2) and network build for Bank Feasibility Study.





  • QLD GOC - Utilities - Disengagement from current outsource provider's data centre to in-house data centre to support a selective sourcing model.  The project involved new WAN build, Telco selection, Telco managed services agreement, build of the new data centre, relocation of key compute hardware from the legacy data centre.


  • QLD GOC - Utilities - I was assigned as the internal program manager to manage the data centre relocation and 4 other ICT infrastructure projects over a 6 month period.   The program budget was $1.5 million and at project peak, I had a team of 30 reporting to me.  The relocation without and end user impact providing a new model for ongoing operation savings.


  • Regional Bank - To support a major head office refurbishment I managed the build & relocation to a new purpose-built data centre room inc civil construction.  The data centre hosted the core banking system, so the relocation of the primary data centre was identified as high risk.  The relocation occurred within budget with no unplanned outages to bank customers.


  • National Accounting Consultancy - 5 Data centres consolidated into 2 with hybrid cloud support.  The project was to create a new data centre topology, establishing 1 new data centre and consolidation down to 2.  This was the ultimate shell game sequencing migration off keep systems and repurposing/relocation complex subsystems like core switching, SAN and compute farms to provide the best bang for buck outcome for the client.


  • National Wealth Creation Consultancy - Relocation of the active data centre to a new data centre.  This was a complete relocation involving over 30 SMEs, 6 service providers and need to completed within stated outage to avoid ASX penalities.





  • Remote Mine Site SE Asia - This involved disengagement of the mine's on-premises systems from the legacy mine owner to new onsite operating model, including new network build.  The program’s activities were conducted in a remote highlands location accessible by only air.  Challenges provided were: shipping/travel logistics, managing teams remotely, limited legacy system documentation and cross-cultural dynamics were all at play.   3 new data centres where provisioned/upgrade, 2 in SE Asia and 1 in Aus.


  • QLD GOC - Primary Industries - Disengagement from current outsource provider's data centre to the in-house data centre to support a selective sourcing model.  The project was considered as high risk as many key SMEs had left the GOC and parent Gov agency that managed/hosted GOC's systems.  A planned a migration with bite size chunks approach was untaken to avoid systems (some which had not been modernised for over 10 years) remained operational.


* - For privacy purposes, client names and system details have been redacted.  Further details are available in face to face meetings or qualified consultancy enquiries for David Pierce PM.  Thank you for your understanding.




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